Hidden in Me Somewhere

by Meraki/Toska

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released May 5, 2012

Cody Alexander
Matthew Ziegelbauer
P.J. Ray
Brian Huynh
Hayden Six



all rights reserved


Meraki/Toska Houston, Texas



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Track Name: Melancholia
Release me from this world, release me from my head
Guilt is the anchor, shame is the chain

The conduit of my own destruction
The masterpiece of my life's failures
The sum of all my broken parts
The perfect model of humanity

Grasp my jaw and unhinge this brace that keeps the truth locked away!Love is hidden in me somewhere.

And I hear footsteps, outside in the rain, are they yours, returning? Or my mind...my aging mind?

I open the door, you are not there, a silhouette of someone I once thought I knew standing in your place, you look like
the one i know but what's in you has changed, but aren't we all just the same? A constant cycle of disdain, a life of
fortune and pain? Are any of us who we started as?
Track Name: Alive (ft. Corey Randolph)
Layered lies cover the truths which you hold so close to your chest, a provocative sense of misdirection cast upon the eyes of those unwitting

Revel in your victories now because the tide has no master.

We are alive, together

We are but the same creature, our nature made up of our seldom told insecurities, longing for just one person to look past our wrongs. We swear there is good in us, that we do what we must, there is a love hidden somewhere beneath it all. We've become machines, a shadow of the men we were but only the foundation of the monsters we are to become. Where has our humanity escaped to? We are alive.

Whisper calmness back into my bones, I feel the overbearing chill of death making its home in my veins. I have struggled with fear, doubt is my closest friend, i've left all the others
Track Name: Solitude
Solitude is a lonely word
Dim lights and words too small plague my nights, leaving room for those thoughts to filter in
Our love is a city besieged

Solitude is a damning word
Eyes like cameras steal my soul; words like thieves rob my body of the heart
I used your heart because I knew mine wouldn't make it,

This is it, this is it, the path less sought, the road less traveled
Throw down your fears, look towards the sky, has the sun yet to rise?

My existence is a message; my life is a lonely cause
My life is a lonely cause
Track Name: Amore
I'm drowning in a sea of sorrow and the shore seems too far off to swim so I tread dangerous water waiting for a ship of grace to see my ever tiring shape.

I could let it all go, let my worries be swept away by the waves but this warmth grows ever stronger the weaker my resolve becomes, i have this ember burning deep in my heart and i swear to you it wont go out, i will keep your name in mind so i wont be alone when the darkness settles in

your love is rooted in me like an anchor to the ocean's floor

The cold is setting in, sensation leaves the limbs, death is setting up home inviting me in